Italian Publications


La Bambina sulle Nuvole (The Little Lady on Clouds)
Writer and Illustrator: Arianna M. Romano
Le Brumaie  – Pagg.29 – € 9.90 – 2017 – [ISBN-978-88-96570869]
Why do clouds often take familiar profiles? Because up there is a little princess who is building her enchanted kingdom, a child who has left our world to create one made of magical clouds. But the clouds, you know, fade quickly, caught by the wind …
​Review: Ascoltando le FigureIl Rosicchialibri


Il Riflesso Stonato (Off-key Reflection)
Writer and Illustrator: Arianna M. Romano
Leucotea – Pagg.145 – € 12.90 – 2015 – [ISBN-978-88-97770312] – E-book
Arturo lives a disconcerting experience: looking in the mirror, he discovers that, instead of his reflection, the reflection of a stranger has appeared. Nobody recognizes him, and the young man is forced to flee. Arturo comes across a funny vagabond named Filomeno, a bogus magician who has exactly the same problem. Among vain witches, magic mirrors and amazing forgotten worlds, they will live extraordinary adventures to try to find their “true reflection”. A fairy tale not to forget our dreams. ​Review:: Il Rosicchialibri 


Mistero di Natale  (A Christmas Mistery)
Writer and Illustrator: Arianna M. Romano
Tabula Fati – Pagg.56 – € 6.00 – 2014 – [ISBN-978-88-74753703]
Christmas Eve sees the Fade family finally reunited, in a perfectly decorated house illuminated by a myriad of cheerful colored lights. For the elderly landlady it is a dream that becomes reality after a long wait, but the atmosphere of joy and full of expectations is bound to disappear in short, as well as the joy and excitement that had accompanied her preparations.
​Review: Alzheimer Italia (N.49, pag.11) –Interview by Elena Romanello



Racconti Bresciani (Tales from Brescia)
AA.VV, – A cura di Viviana Filippini
Historica Edizioni – € 20.00 – 2018 – [ISBN-978-88-33370798]

“Scolpita”, a short story by Arianna M. Romano




Le abilità per imparare
Silvano Brunelli e Silvana Tiani Brunelli
Podresca Edizioni – € 15.00 – 2015

Illustrations by Arianna M. Romano