Italian Publications


Il Riflesso Stonato (Off-key Reflection)
Leucotea – Writer and Illustrator: Arianna M. Romano
1a Edizione 2015 [ISBN-978-88-97770312]- 2a Edizione 2020 [ISBN-978-88-94917475]
Arturo lives a disconcerting experience: looking in the mirror, he discovers that, instead of his reflection, the reflection of a stranger has appeared. Nobody recognizes him, and the young man is forced to flee. Arturo comes across a funny vagabond named Filomeno, a bogus magician who has exactly the same problem. Among vain witches, magic mirrors and amazing forgotten worlds, they will live extraordinary adventures to try to find their “true reflection”. 


La Bambina sulle Nuvole (The Little Lady on Clouds)
Le BrumaieWriter and Illustrator: Arianna M. Romano
Pagg.29 – 2017 [ISBN-978-88-96570869]
Why do clouds often take familiar profiles? Because up there is a little princess who is building her enchanted kingdom, a child who has left our world to create one made of magical clouds. But the clouds, you know, fade quickly, caught by the wind …
​Review: Ascoltando le FigureIl Rosicchialibri



Mistero di Natale  (A Christmas Mistery)
Tabula Fati – Writer and Illustrator: Arianna M. Romano
Pagg.56 – 2014 [ISBN-978-88-74753703]
Christmas Eve sees the Fade family finally reunited, in a perfectly decorated house illuminated by a myriad of cheerful colored lights. For the elderly landlady it is a dream that becomes reality after a long wait, but the atmosphere of joy and full of expectations is bound to disappear in short, as well as the joy and excitement that had accompanied her preparations.
​Review: Alzheimer Italia (N.49, pag.11) –Interview 



Racconti Bresciani (Tales from Brescia)
AA.VV, – A cura di Viviana Filippini
Historica Edizioni – 2018 [ISBN-978-88-33370798]

“Scolpita”, a short story by Arianna M. Romano




Le abilità per imparare
Silvano Brunelli e Silvana Tiani Brunelli

Podresca Edizioni – 2015 ​[ISBN-978-88-96816300]

Illustrations by Arianna M. Romano