Art Projects

Postcard From Psyche
Art is a journey within ourselves. 
Make a portrait is always an act to understand people.
In this project, the creative process is inspired by the Rorschach Test: starting from the Inkblots, the artist elaborates the stimulus and outlines the contours of the perceived figure, narrating the inner life. 
 A dialogue with forms and colors: “What do I see’”. We give meaning. We build possibilities starting from the colors that life offers to us.  More… 

Art of Memory
Messy anonymous monoliths sprouting from earth’s Lembi; agglomerates of tombstones leaning against the ancient country churches; imposing mausoleums that celebrate the glory of great men; essential and unadorned burial areas or real open-air museums. Cemeteries are chests of culture, art and memory, places of eternal rest with decadent charm, in which the awareness of the transience of human life is combined with the desire for eternity.