Anna di Matteo (spazio Ginko) presents “Postcards from Psyche”

(translated from italian, original version here ) She defines herself as “Clouds’ Explorer” Arianna M. Romano, born in 1982, from Brescia, author & illustrator. Selected in the “category” illustration for the Ginko Art Award 2017, she exhibits her “Postcards from Psyche” at Spazio Ginko in Rome on December, from 16th to 30th. Thirty-five tables on paper, appropriate daughters, but then built and modeled by time passing through the unconscious: Arianna’s illustrations are like small and kaleidoscopic footprints of the psyche. The case in this project is very important as well as the contamination between it and the psyche. We would say “nothing happens by chance”! Something maybe, but then that case can sometimes be a revelation of images and stories that are already present within us, sometimes in a more direct and immediate, other times instead require just the time to emerge and tell. Then they reveal themselves. When they reveal themselves, we are left to look and we are reflected in something that we immediately recognize. This is the path that traces the creative process of Arianna. A graduate in Psychology and Education Sciences, Arianna has been a passion for drawing since she was a child. She loves experimenting and she attended various courses to explore art techniques. She discovers his language in drawing and in watercolor, and she works in publications for children. Then at some point something happens, during an event in her city, creative artistic days where you can work together with other artists simultaneously. On the wave of this creative ferment, Arianna meets the case. Experience color spots. Then she grabs the idea. If from this case, freely, an image was born? If the case could suggest a story? The “Postcards from Psyche” are born. A project born between June and August 2017, during the summer. Summer is beautiful, warm, the lightest season of the year. Even the “Psyche Postcards” are like summer clouds. They dig into the unconscious but are bearers of luminous messages: “a reflection on art, on psychology, and then on life itself: in many of the experiences we experience we encounter the indefinite, the unexpected, the unexpected. our personal baggage, to give meaning … to build possibilities starting from the colors that life offers us “. A project still open, in progress. The color stain on the sheet suggests images. Arianna does not know what will come out of it, it will only know when it will be traced on paper, sculpted by watercolor, over. Some images are immediate visions suggested by the lines of the stain, while others arrive after days. Arianna welcomes them, draws them, with the pencil the models, she refines them to give them a precise imprint. Sometimes they are exhaustive by themselves. Sometimes instead the image also follows the word. Here we find ourselves wrapped in an imaginative world suspended between dream and reality, between story and abstraction. Funny and unusual characters such as the Pink Rabbit and the gentleman with long mustaches alternate with spots that do not find a place except in the unconscious: “In the construction of ourselves, constant change, sometimes the desired joint does not work”; the element of chance or destiny, introduced by the figure of the oracle: “Ibis redibis not morieris in bello. Ibis redibis num quam peribis “. These images evoke the texts of Appercezione, the Rorschach test, but also the visions suggested by surrealism also passing through a remarkable technique that suggests a passion for Japanese art, in a project that then leaves a very precise and present track. A vast project, as are the layers and images of the psyche. What transpires from these little psyche postcards is a very positive message, however, that seems to be so well contained in this sentence that there is no need to add anything else: “He had always wanted to fly. He intertwined a basket and attached it to a kite. Then he waited … The wind lifted him higher and higher. Who knows where it would have brought him “. Anna Di Matteo

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