Postcards from Psyche

Art is a Journey within ourselves. Each artistic expression contains a story and narrates the existential adventure of mankind.
The works of this project start from a mixture of color, skilfully arranged and left free to warp on paper.
The creative process is inspired by the rorschach test: starting from the Inkblots, the artist elaborates the stimulus and outlines the contours of the perceived figure, narrating her own inner life. The figures sugget associations, reflections and stories, which are reported on the artwork itself. A dialogue with forms and colors: “What do I see'”. We give meaning. We build possibilities starting from the colors that life offers to us.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PORTRAITS: Make a portrait is always an act to understand people, because art is a journey within ourselves.
People choose their colors than artist prepare some spots. Starting from that stimulus, people tell their stories. The artist talk with them to establish a connection, so she take inspiration from stories and create a unique portrait, images and words together It’s like a postcard from the deep inside.